Report: Signs of life after late abortion

In this report the Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics analyses ethical issues in connection with late abortion close to the medical limit for viability.

Report: Assisted dying

On both sides of the debate on assisted dying, some arguments can be found that are supported by facts and others that are contradicted by facts. This is shown in a new report from the Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics (Smer). The report is available in an English translation.

Opinion on fixed compensation to egg donors

The Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics sees ethical risks in using fixed compensation to egg donors. With high fixed sums some donors might have economic reasons instead of altruistic.

Report: ADHD – ethical challenges

The report ‘ADHD – ethical challenges’ highlights ethical issues that have specifically arisen in connection with the significant increase in recent years in the number of children and adults diagnosed with ADHD.

Ethical aspects of nanotechnology

Despite the fact that many nanotech methods, products and materials have already been introduced onto the market, there are major knowledge gaps with regard to the risks to people and the environment associated with nanoparticulates

The ethical platform for priority setting in Health Care

The Council on Medical Ethics has in an opinion to the Government commented on a proposal from the National Centre for Priority Setting in Health Care, to change the ethics framework for priority setting in health care.