In brief – Artificial intelligence in healthcare

There are great expectations that artificial intelligence (AI) will help to solve the healthcare challenges of the future. But at the same time, AI brings with it many ethical and societal challenges. AI has been classed as one of the emerging technologies with the greatest beneficial potential but also with the highest risk of negative consequences.

The report In brief – Artificial intelligence in healthcare gives examples of applications of AI in different areas of the healthcare sector, some already in use, many in the stage of development and still others concievable in the long term. Ethical and societal challenges associated with the technology and its use in healthcare are analyzed.

The Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics underlines that the ethical challenges associated with AI must be seen not as obstacles to innovation but as something that can stimulate and guide development towards applications that foster common goals and values.

Smer 2020:2 In brief – Artificial intelligence in healthcare

The “In brief” series of publications highlights ethical and societal aspects of a particular topic.