Webinar arranged by Nordic Committee on Bioethics ( NCBio) in cooperation with the Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics (Smer)

Tuesday, November 24, 2020 at 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (CET)

The aim of this webinar is to identify ethical aspects of the pandemic, with an emphasis on examining cross-country similarities and differences regarding policy and public debate across the Nordic countries. We aim to follow the development from the outbreak of the pandemic and over time. 

This is # 2 in a series of NCBio webinars under the common theme “The Ethics of the Covid-19 Pandemic: Nordic Perspectives”. The contribution from Sweden is based on a report published by the Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics (Smer) in May 2020.

The report is available here.


1:00 pm. Opening of the seminar, Welcome

Session chair professor Ingemar Engström, Örebro University, Sweden, member of the NCBio

Professor Sigur∂ur Kristinsson, University of Akureyri, Iceland, chair of the NCBio and Lotta Eriksson, secretary general Smer

1:05 pm. Keynote: Ethical choices in a pandemic – a Swedish perspective

Professor emeritus Göran Collste, professor Linköping University and member of Smer

1:25 pm. Commentary

Professor Kirsten Kyvik, University of Southern Denmark,  member of the NCBio

1:35 pm. Commentary

Professor Jan Helge Solbakk, University of Oslo, Norway

1:45 pm. Q & A

2:00 pm. End of webinar